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Forward-Looking Statements

Information on this website may contain forward-looking statements concerning the financial condition, business performance and other information of Zenkoku Hosho. These forward-looking statements involve certain risks and uncertainties and it should be noted that actual results may differ due to possible changes in the environment, etc. of Zenkoku Hosho’s business management.



Copyrights of all contents of this website (information, trademarks, designs, etc.) are owned by Zenkoku Hosho in principle. They may not be transcribed, used, copied, distributed, altered, etc. without the consent of Zenkoku Hosho.




Although careful attention is paid to post the latest and correct information to this website, Zenkoku Hosho does not guarantee the appropriateness or correctness of the contents of this website unless individually and explicitly specified otherwise, and shall assume no responsibility on this matter.
Also, please be advised in advance that the contents and URL of this website may be changed, suspended or discontinued without any prior notice. Zenkoku Hosho assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by changes in the contents of this website and suspension or discontinuance of this website for whatever reason.


In particular, with regard to the information for investors, it is not intended for soliciting purchases or sales of stocks, etc. of Zenkoku Hosho, but is intended to provide information for referential purposes to investors in making judgments. Final decisions on investment should be made by users based on their own judgments.
Also, please be advised in advance that not all information Zenkoku Hosho discloses to the Financial Instruments Exchange, etc. are necessarily posted on this website and that expressions may be different from the disclosed information, and contents may be changed or eliminated without any prior notice.


Although careful attention is paid to post any information to this website, please be advised that Zenkoku Hosho takes no responsibility for damages caused by posting erroneous information, downloading data or other matters.


Regulations on Insider Trading

Zenkoku Hosho posts a wide range of information, including press releases, on this website to facilitate the disclosure of information to its shareholders, investors, customers and other stakeholders.
Such information may contain important facts as prescribed in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Securities Listing Regulations set forth by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition, any person who acquires such information from this website may fall under a primary recipient of information as prescribed in Article 166 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act which specifies regulations on insider trading. Accordingly, it should be noted that those who acquire information from this website and sell or purchase the stocks, etc. of Zenkoku Hosho may become subjects of regulations on insider trading. If the following are made public, however, they are excluded from subjects of regulations on insider trading.


When 12 hours have passed since disclosure to two or more news media set forth in Paragraph 1, Article 30 of Order for Enforcement of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.


When such information is made open for public inspection at the Financial Instruments Exchange through electromagnetic means set forth by the Cabinet Office Ordinance.


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